Wednesday, 9 May 2018

Sunny Bank Holiday Outfit

Hope you all had the best and hopefully a relaxing Bank Holiday. I certainly did a lot of sunbathing and took a break from Uni work and deadlines. My first year is nearly over and I hope to upload a lot more blog posts during my summer. For now here is a summery outfit of the day for you all. I don't know about you but hot weather always gets me excited for the proper summer and I always get tempted by the summer clothing. Big favourites so far for me have been Primark and H&M. Recently Primark have got in some amazing summer crop tops from £3... honestly amazing. As well H&M is always a favourite of mine in the summer for their shorts, dresses and playsuits, they always fit me so well. 

Anyway, thank you for reading this very short post and keep scrolling for more info on this outfit!

Sunday, 15 April 2018

Makeup Bag Essentials

With living away from home for uni, packing is a frequent thing. Ensuring that I have a good selection of makeup is part of that - the worst thing is realising you need something and you've left it at home while you are away at uni! Tbh because of this it's easy to start realising what are essential products or clothing and that has been super useful in my 'spring cleaning' declutter over Easter. So today I'm going to talk through some of the products that are must haves in my makeup bag and tend to reach for everyday. While living away from home I've not felt like I've been missing any makeup in particular so thats something right!!?

Saturday, 17 March 2018

A Week of Uni Outfits

I'm back and oh boy you have no idea how long this has taken me to put together! In todays post I'm going to be sharing some of my typical uni outfits with you. I won't lie I've been planning this for weeks but I kept forgetting to take the outfit photos! OOPS, but here it is ... finally.  These outfits are realistic as to what I would wear on an average week, most of this isn't super new so I won't have the exact links but I"m going to find some similar items for you all. I personally really enjoy both writing and reading outfit posts just for general style Inspo. Then again my outfits all seem to branch out from a pair of black jeans, believe me I want to try new things but I always got straight back to my comfort zone. In the summer and warmer weather however I will hopefully have a bit more variety, so bare with me. I don't know about you but I'm super excited for it to start to get a little warmer now! 

Keep reading to see the outfits, and I know I've said this before but check out my 21 Buttons for more outfits like this! I took these all on my phone in the mirror so no super fancy blogger shots today but ah well thats how it's got to be now I'm super busy with Uni. Got a hectic week ahead when I'm writing this but hopefully I can get a bit more content up for you all shortly - I'm aiming to write a bit more today so fingers cross. Anyways.. read on!